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Do you enjoy golf? Then you must know all about it. I have to admit that it is indeed a beautiful sport. It is relaxing, quiet, and people enjoy it more as a way to pass the time quietly more than anything else. Whenever they want to relax and leave behind the daily stress, some people just go to the golf course and find themselves feeling better than the day before.

Caddy Daddy Golf Phoenix Golf Travel Bag
high impact EVA mold for maximum protection
top-of-the-line 1800D nylon construction
it can accommodate most golf clubs
Izzo Golf Padded Travel Cover
padded soft case protects your clubs in transit
it can expand 50 inches, but when collapsed, it measures just 7.5 inches
the base is made of vinyl, which adds some extra protection
Caddy Daddy Cdx-10 Wheeled Travel Cover
heavily padded on top to protect club heads
in-line skate wheels ensure that you can carry it around easily
material it is made of is 600 denier nylon, which makes it highly durable

At the same time, golf can be a competitive sport. People travel thousands of miles to watch tournaments and competitions, and players practice all year round. Whether it is on the golf course in the warm seasons, or inside during winter, they need to be in tip-top shape.

What you maybe don’t know is that gold clubs are more than just sticks with round-shaped pieces of metal at one end. They can decide the faith of the game, not only if you use the right one, but the quality is just as important. That is why golf players take very good care of their clubs. They buy special covers and bags. Did you know that there is a golf bag specifically designed for travel? A lot of players buy golf travel bags just so their clubs can travel safely and securely.

The benefits of a travel golf bag

Truegolf players value their golf clubs more than anything else in the world. They keep them clean and polished so they can use them as best as they can. A travel bag for golf clubs has real benefits, but only for people who understand the true worth of high-quality golf clubs. Here are a few of them.

  • It is easy to maneuver – whether you are traveling by plane, train, or car, a golf travel bag will be easy to handle. You don’t have to worry that you will lose the golf clubs along the way. A travel bag is different from a caddy bag because it can be closed completely and is easy to carry. But that is the entire point. You need to carry a golf travel bag with the same ease you carry your own luggage.
  • It will protect your golf clubs – during travel, anything can happen, especially if you travel by plane because you are not in control of your luggage. Do you really think that people who handle luggage at the airport are just as careful as you are? Of course not. They don’t have the time to pay extra attention to your luggage because they have hundreds of other bags to handle. That is why it’s your job to protect your own goods. A golf travel bag will provide exactly that. It will protect the golf clubs from scratching, powerful impacts, and other damage that may come along the way.
  • It is a smart investment – some golf clubs can reach ridiculous prices. I mean, there are some that cost thousands of dollars. Don’t you think you should also invest in the best golf travel bag? Why would you spend all that money on expensive clubs and save nothing for the bag you are carrying them in? From where I stand, a high-quality golf travel bag is a smart investment because it protects an even bigger investment.
  • It has enough space to accommodate all accessories – that mostly depends on the model you purchase, but almost all have some extra space for balls or stuff like that. You can even take advantage to put some other items in them if you don’t have enough space is your bag, like golf shoes or shirts.

What to consider when buying the best golf travel bag?

Unfortunately, there are enough useless bags on the market. Many say that they are made of high-quality materials, but when the delivery comes, you are disappointed. Here are a few things that you should consider before making a purchase without any regrets.

  • Establish what you want to put in it. Obviously, you will carry your golf clubs, but some extra room cannot hurt. Look for a bag that has size pockets that can accommodate balls, tees, golf shoes, gloves, or whatever else you consider necessary. It can save a lot of space in your suitcase or carry-on.
  • Consider buying a hybrid travel bag. That means the bag will act both as a travel bag, but also as a cart bag once you remove the club helmet. Personally, I advise against. Each with its own, I always say. There are disadvantages to using the same bag all the time. Each of them has its pros and cons, but my mind is inclined towards a golf travel bag for traveling, and a cart bag for the rest of the time. Simple as that.
  • Choose between a soft and a hard shell travel bag. The soft shell will save space and are more lightweight than others, but hard shell bags will provide maximum protection. It’s true that they are heavier than a soft shell, but from my point of view, it is worth the trouble. Your golf clubs will never be as protected as when they are in a hard shell travel bag. The material is reinforced with all kinds of substances that will make sure your golf clubs will survive even the bumpiest of rides. It’s true that they are more expensive than the alternative, but don’t you think that it will cost you, even more, to replace the golf clubs in case anything bad happens?
  • Go for comfort. I know that I left it for last, but it wasn’t intentional. Comfort is also an important aspect, just as with any other travel bag. Try out some models if you have the chance, or read some reviews online to see which one is the most comfortable. You don’t know how much you have to carry that bag around the airport, so why risk being uncomfortable? Try the ones with shoulder straps or the backpack-like one. One of them must provide comfort for you.
  • Extra features. One of the things I always appreciated about travel bags is that nowadays almost all models come with wheels. From the first bag with wheels, which was the suitcase, to duffel bags, they all have wheels now. Why not buy a golf travel bag with wheels? It will be easy to walk through the airport, and you can handle your other luggage with ease.

What are the best golf travel bags?

I have to admit that I searched a lot to find the answer to that question. I have read a lot of online reviews and saw what people like and dislike. Eventually, I discovered thatmany golf travel bags meet the criteria for the best golf travel bags, but here is top three.

Caddy Daddy Golf Phoenix Golf Travel Bag

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Whoever buys this golf travel bag will be traveling in style. The design of this bag is absolutely fabulous. It is made of top of the line 1800D nylon, as good as it gets, and it is reinforced with high-impact EVA mold for maximum protection. Obviously, this is a hard shell golf travel bag that will protect your golf club from virtually anything. The warranty covers any damage to the bag caused by airlines, but only for a year. In any case, if something happens during that year, you will be given a brand new bag.

The golf travel bag is very easy to carry. It comes equipped with in-line skate wheels with a self-standingwheelbase. You can leave the bag in the upright position; you don’t have to put it down everytime you need to use your hands. The bag provides both internal and external compression straps. Your clubs will never be more secure than that.

With the Caddy Daddy you can also enjoy a lot of extra space where you can put your shoes, balls, tees, gloves, or any other pieces of equipment you want to take along. The bag has 3 oversized pockets that can accommodate all that. The golf travel bag weighs 12 pounds, which is relatively acceptable and measures 14 x 15 x 53 inches. It can accommodate most golf clubs. No matter what happens, whether it falls down or is hit by something else, this golf bag will protect everything inside. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

Izzo Golf Padded Travel Cover

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Just as the title suggests, this is more of a cover than a travel bag, but as I noticed, it is very popular with golf players.The reason is that it occupies less space than a hard shell golf travel bag. It can expand 50 inches, but when you collapse it, it measures just 7.5 inches.

But just because it is a cover, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t protect your golf clubs as it should. The case is padded with soft material, so it provides significant protection when you are traveling by car, train, or by plane. It has a lot of extra space for golf shoes, gloves, balls, and other accessories that you may want to take along. It responds really well when is being handled by airport workers.

The base is made of vinyl, which adds some extra protection, and carrying it around is relatively easy. The padded carry strap adds comfort, and you will feel it very lightly on your shoulders. The cover itself is very lightweight. It only weighs 3.2 pounds, as opposed to a hard shell bag, like the previous model, that can reach 13 lbs. As I said before, that is probably the reason golf players like it so much. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

Caddy Daddy Cdx-10 Wheeled Travel Cover

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This one is also from Caddy Daddy. The manufacturer always manages to release high-quality products and is very popular with golf players. As you may have noticed, this is also a cover that will provide maximum protection for your golf clubs and other accessories.

Unlike the previous model, this Caddy Daddy cover weighs 8.5 pounds and measures 13 x 15 x 50 inches. It can accommodate almost all golf bags, with space to spare. The material it is made of is 600 denier nylon, which makes it highly durable in rough conditions, such as being transported in an airplane’s hold.

Just because this model is a cover, rather than a bag, it doesn’t mean that it cannot provide superior protection. It is heavily padded, especially on top so it can protect club heads. The in-line skate wheels ensure that you can carry it around easily. Just for your peace of mind, it has lockable zippers. You can also get a TSA lock, but that is not included in the price.

The clubs are held in place with the help of both internal and external compression straps. That will prevent damage from friction and impact. Nowhere along the way you have to worry that your clubs are not well taken care of. You will get them out in the same condition you put them in. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

My recommendation

As much as I like the fact that covers are more lightweight than actual golf travel bags, I cannot overlook the fact that a travel bag is more efficient than a cover. Which is why my choice is the Caddy Daddy Golf Phoenix Golf Travel Bag. It has all the features a golf player needs. It provides maximum protection and extraspace, and is really stylish. From my point of view, this one is among the best golf travel bags I have ever had the chance to look at. That is why I strongly recommend it.


Golf clubs, apart from being expensive, hold value for golf players. Ask any of them, and they will all say the same thing. They would rather stand in the rain and get soaking wet protecting their clubs than to let them in the rain. Golf clubs is a part of what makes them good at playing, which is why they mean such a great deal. Click here to buy on Amazon

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